Expansive Opportunities.

From small lots to large parcels - from downtown storefronts to interstate interchange land - from leasing to owning - from neighborhood commerical to light warehousing and distribution - from old town to corridor commercial - from listed and brokered properties to quiet opportunities with receptive landowners - from a home based business ready to expand to accommodations for large relocations or expansions...Mahomet has expansive opportunities! 

Most opportunities are not brokered and may not appear "ready". Village staff know the owners- their goals, their desired roll in the development process, whether they want to sell or exchange, whether they are willing to partner with adjacent owners to collectively meet the needs of a potential business or development.  And Village staff can offer insight into the feasibility of the intended use on a property. If you may be ready to choose Mahomet, contact us and we can help you identify all of the obvious and less obvious opportunities.

Mahomet Core Commercial

Specifically there are two main commercial areas in Mahomet. Core Commercial Area extends from the interstate interchange at Route 47 to downtown along Lombard and Main Streets. From 4 acres of vacant land with interstate visibility, to typical downtown main street storefronts a variety of commercial uses are envisioned and welcome. Assembling smaller lots into a larger development area is an easy process and staff can assist in negotations with multiple landowners as needed.

East Mahomet Commercial Corridor

The East Mahomet Commercial Corridor runs along US route 150 east of Commercial Drive to 1 mile east of the interstate interchange at Prairieview Road. Generally, this corridor is in a TIF district offering rebate opportunities on public infrastructure investments. 

The area includes hundreds of acres of developable land with all utilities readily available. Water and sanitary sewer services were extended to land far east and south of the Interstate 74 / Prairieview Road interchange. In addition, high speed fiberoptic internet services are available; conduit was installed along US Route 150 east of the interchange and fiber cable is in service west of the Prairieview Road / US Route 150 intersection. For specific availability, contact us.

Some of this land is listed with brokers, but we maintain close contact with local owners and discuss and present possibilities they could consider. Not all opportunities are obvious.