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“Living in Mahomet had a massive impact on my decision to start my own business. Mahomet is a such a sweet place that embraces local businesses. The size of the village and getting to know other female business owners in my day-to-day life made it feel like something that was actually achievable. My shop is located about halfway between my home and the school that my daughter attends so I’m never far if needed in an emergency. It’s tough to beat a four minute commute!”

-Tara Allen, Owner of Greener Goods (located within Sangamon on Main)


“I am so proud to be a business owner in Mahomet. I lived in Mahomet throughout my grade school years and moved back in 2001. I opened Winderson’s in 2017 in my home and then opened our brick and mortar in 2018.  We have a community filled with residents and other business owners who truly invest in our area, it is wonderful to be a part of that. I look forward to continuing to grow Winderson’s in Mahomet and  to becoming even more involved in our great community!”

-Mary Winemiller, Owner of Winderson’s (located within Sangamon on Main)

Number of new dwelling units added within the Village of Mahomet (Jan '17 - Dec '22)
Mahomet is in Champaign County, the second largest growing county in Illinois
Village of Mahomet Median Household Income (2020 US Census data)